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6 years, 11 months ago Comments Off on Decentralization in Digital Societies: A Design Paradox
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In the context of the Swiss Philosophy Salon Festival at Maloja Palace, in which I hosted a philosophy salon, the periodical The Beautiful Soul, The Public Sphere Salons, publishes my essay: Decentralization in Digital Societies: A Design Paradox Digital societies come with a design paradox: On the one hand, technologies, such as Internet of Things, pervasive and […]

7 years, 8 months ago Comments Off on Supply-demand in information sharing

I have recently published a new paper that envisions information sharing as a self-regulatory supply-demand system. Citizens are (data) suppliers and third parties requiring access to citizens’ data are (data) consumers. The proposed system regulates the trade-off between privacy of citizens when they share data and accuracy in analytics using citizens’ shared data. Summarization of data […]

8 years ago Comments Off on @Nature: Build Digital Democracy

Building an information society based on Big Data as we know can undermine sustainable development and democracy: Dirk Helbing and Evangelos Pournaras, Build Digital Democracy, Nature, Vol. 527, pp. 33-34, 2015 The Nervousnet project envisions an alternative paradigm: Data-driven techno-socio-economic systems working in a decentralized, collective and synergistic fashion. And all these by design.