Symposium on Distributed Management of Smart Energy Grids

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I am currently organizing a symposium on Smart Power Grids as an after-event of my PhD defense.

The objective of this symposium is to illustrate the challenges and opportunities for distributed management of Smart Energy Grids. Smart Energy Grids are socio-technical systems, for which communication and coordination are essential. Distributed computing provides the means with which to structure communication and coordination. Self-management and self-healing are means to handle unpredictable behaviour. Unpredictable behaviour caused by individual users cyber-attacks and/or extreme weather conditions, for example, can cause blackouts – power peaks with possible cascading failures. Robustness is a critical operational requirement for the Smart Energy Grid. Bi-directional communication and coordination are crucial to the Smart Energy Grid, for many reasons including load-balancing, clustering, monitoring and SLA conforment, for electrical vehicles, home automation, micro-generation and storage.

Four speakers from academia and industry will illustrate how software agents, complex networks and self-organization can provide the theoretical and practical tools for distributed management in Smart Power Grids.


The symposium takes place on 26th of March from 14.00-17.00 at Commission room 3, Aula Congress Center, Delft University of Technology

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