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Data-driven Self-regulating Systems
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Together with Izabela Moise, I organize The International Workshop on Data-driven Self-regulating Systems-DSS 2015 on 24-26 of August in Rome, Italy. The workshop is organized in conjunction with the 12th International Conference on Mobile Web and Intelligent Information Systems and the 3rd International Conference on Future Internet of Things and Cloud. Call for Papers The […]

Meeting the Laureates
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I have the honor to be among the 200 exceptional young researchers of computer science and mathematics, who were selected to participate at the 2nd Heidelberg Laureate Forum. “The Heidelberg Laureate Forum is an annual meeting bringing together winners of the most prestigious scientific awards in Mathematics (Abel Prize, Fields Medal and Nevanlinna Prize) and Computer Science […]

A New Endeavor
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I have recently moved to Zurich in Switzerland, where I have the honor to work together with Prof. Dr. Dirk Helbing at the Chair of Sociology, in particular of Modeling and Simulation of ETH Zurich. Here I will conduct cutting-edge inter-disciplinary research. I focus on designing and building a large-scale, distributed, privacy-preserved data analytics platform […]

Fairness in Smart Grids
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I have recently presented at the IEEE International Energy Conference-EnergyCon 2014 my work about measuring and controlling unfairness in Smart Grids. This work is part of the RobuSmart project. The main key findings of this paper are the following:   The abstract of the paper follows: Measuring and Controlling Unfairness in Decentralized Planning of Energy […]

DIAS is online and published
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DIAS, the Dynamic Intelligent Aggregation Service is a decentralized mechanism for the computation of different aggregation functions in large-scale networks, e.g. SUMMATION, AVERAGE etc.. It is illustrated in Chapter 5 of my PhD thesis and is recently accepted for publication in the Springer journal of Complex Adaptive Systems Modeling. A short project description of DIAS […]

Some credits for my PhD thesis
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Creating a great publishable book is a complex process that requires collaboration with different experts. I would like to give some special credits for the book of my PhD thesis to the following:   First, Hani Alers and Lucy Gunawan from Hanike Studio have been so patient to convey my continuously new ideas and desires […]

PhD Thesis Defense
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You are welcome to attend the public defense of my PhD thesis entitled: Multi-level Reconfigurable Self-organization in Overlay Services on Tuesday 26th of March at 10:00 in the Aula Congress Center, Mekelweg 5, 2628 CC, Delft, The Netherlands. Prior to the defense, I will give a short presentation on my research at 09:30. A reception […]

Symposium on Distributed Management of Smart Energy Grids
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I am currently organizing a symposium on Smart Power Grids as an after-event of my PhD defense. The objective of this symposium is to illustrate the challenges and opportunities for distributed management of Smart Energy Grids. Smart Energy Grids are socio-technical systems, for which communication and coordination are essential. Distributed computing provides the means with […]

A Computing Roadmap of Digital Ecosystems
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A new paper I wrote has been accepted for publication in the proceedings of the 6th International Conference of Digital Ecosystems and Technologies-Complex Environment Engineering-DEST-CEE 2012. The title of the paper is “From Metaphor towards Paradigm – A Computing Roadmap of Digital Ecosystems”. The presentation of this paper can be found here.   This is […]

Love and Strife in large-scale decentralized systems
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Large-scale complex decentralized systems are governed by synergies, opposing forces and trade-offs. Empedocles would describe these properties and features as the result of Love and Strife that elements of nature appear: “These (elements) never cease changing place continually, now being all united by Love into one, now each borne apart by the hatred engendered of […]