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Symposium on Distributed Management of Smart Energy Grids
5 years, 7 months ago Comments Off on Symposium on Distributed Management of Smart Energy Grids
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I am currently organizing a symposium on Smart Power Grids as an after-event of my PhD defense. The objective of this symposium is to illustrate the challenges and opportunities for distributed management of Smart Energy Grids. Smart Energy Grids are socio-technical systems, for which communication and coordination are essential. Distributed computing provides the means with […]

A Computing Roadmap of Digital Ecosystems
6 years, 5 months ago 0

A new paper I wrote has been accepted for publication in the proceedings of the 6th International Conference of Digital Ecosystems and Technologies-Complex Environment Engineering-DEST-CEE 2012. The title of the paper is “From Metaphor towards Paradigm – A Computing Roadmap of Digital Ecosystems”. The presentation of this paper can be found here.   This is […]

Love and Strife in large-scale decentralized systems
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Large-scale complex decentralized systems are governed by synergies, opposing forces and trade-offs. Empedocles would describe these properties and features as the result of Love and Strife that elements of nature appear: “These (elements) never cease changing place continually, now being all united by Love into one, now each borne apart by the hatred engendered of […]

Why the Smart Grid should not underestimate your refrigerator
6 years, 8 months ago 0
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This is the question I tried to answer at the research organization of TNO. In front of a very stimulating and interactive audience, I presented part of my PhD research and specifically some of my contributions in the EPOS project. I showed some of my findings supporting that decentralized stabilization of the energy consumption with a minimum […]

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This is the first official launcing of my new web site. Its main goal is to illustrate my research work and specifically the projects I have worked on, my publications and the various research activities I have been involved with. It also provides information about myself such as my educational background, work experience and other personal […]